P(l)aying it Forward 

For us soccer is only a small part of our lives. We love being a part of this community and we know that helping out and giving back to the city is a big step towards creating strong, upstanding members of society.  We encourage everyone to volunteer their time to help out with various causes.

We set up regular DSA events but you are more than welcome to suggest an event or even just do your own. Be sure to share pictures with us so we can show everyone how awesome our families are.

As part of our commitment to the city we have partnered with Merriam Parks and Recreation to adopt our original home of Quail Creek Park. We hold quarterly events to improve and beautify the area.

We help out at the local SPCA shelter at least twice a year.

Sometimes people or organizations just need monetary assistance so while we could use it, we feel that in certain circumstances it's more important to do fundraisers for someone else.

Whenever possible we try to offer discounted seasons to those who've helped us achieve our goals.