Open Play

Open Play Schedules


Our Open Play program is designed for players of all abilities. We know that not all kids have the same interest levels in sports so this program was created just for them. This is for the more casual player who wants to learn the basics of soccer in a relaxed backyard style environment. Open Play is perfect for players who are still figuring out if they like the sport of soccer. Once day a week we do some basic coaching and the other day we spend 100% of our time just playing soccer. While these practices do require kids to pay attention and be respectful, they can also get pretty silly - because it's about fun first, soccer second.

You can think of Open Play more like what everyone grew up doing with their friends. Sometimes soccer happens and sometimes it doesn't. We like to let the kids decide what games they get to play each time we show up.

Coaching ratios will differ than the Academy Play and coaches may rotate in and out so there is a great chance for kids to meet new people and make new friends. We also encourage some of our former to occasionally help out and show what can be done with some hard work.

It's not required to make both practices each week but if you have to choose one then aim for the group scrimmages on Thursdays.

Our coaches will keep the kids active and engaged during practices by utilizing fun activities and near constant movement so be prepared for them to be both excited and a little worn out when it's time to head home - if they actually want to leave.