Player Code of Conduct


  1. I will always try my hardest

  2. I will respect my coaches and teammates

  3. I will arrive to training sessions and be ready to practice by the scheduled start time

  4. I will remember to bring my cleats/shoes, shin guards, a ball, and adequate amounts of water to all practices and games

  5. I understand that if I am disruptive or am acting in a harmful way I may be asked to leave practice at the coach’s request

Parent Code of Conduct


  1. I will encourage not only my own child but also any others on the field

  2. I will never say anything negative or discouraging to my child or any others

  3. I will let the coaches do the coaching and I will do the cheering

  4. I will help teach my child the responsibility required to arrive to sessions on time and ready to participate

  5. I understand that my child will not be offered a college scholarship or professional contract at this age

  6. Please read and understand #5

Refund Procedure


As we operate at the lowest cost possible, we are unable to offer a refund for any program cancelled by a participant. Any program cancelled by Discovery Athletic Club will be refunded 90% of the amount paid by the participant.


Referral Bonus


We want you to help grow our soccer community and spread the word about our alternative level of play. For each 2 fully paid participants you will receive 1 season (6 or 8 weeks depending upon the time of year) for one-half the full listed price.