Welcome to DAC Soccer

You're officially all signed up for the upcoming season with Discovery Athletics Club's soccer youth program. What's next?

  1. If you need to register for another program please click here.

  2. If you would like to purchase a Discovery Soccer shirt (or any other spirit wear) please visit our store. Here you'll find practice tops, warm weather gear, and casual apparel.

  3. Check your email settings to allow communication from our email program (Benchmark). We don't want you missing out on anything. Cancellations and updates are also posted on our Facebook page.

  4. Check to make sure you've signed up for the correct program/days. If you accidentally registered for the wrong one or need to change, please email Lance to get it updated.

  5. Purchase any soccer-related gear you'll need for the season. Be sure to check sizes BEFORE the season starts to make sure everything still fits. If your child has outgrown anything please consider donating it back to the program for younger players to use. ​​If you need financial assistance in purchasing an item, check with us to see what we have in stock. The Facebook Marketplace is also a good resource for inexpensive, practically new cleats.

  6. If you're purchasing new gear, please make sure you buy the correct items:

    1. Ball size​.

    2. Cleats - no baseball, football, etc. NO TOE STUDS. Leather cleats will stretch with activity so keep this in mind when sizing.

    3. Shin guards. We are not responsible for injuries especially those occurring due to missing shin guards.

    4. Long socks. They must go on the outside and completely cover the shin guards. This is an important safety issue.

    5. Lots of water.

    6. Be ready for fun!

Please arrive and have your child suited up and ready to go before the scheduled start time.

As we are not charging any fees this season due to COVID-related financial losses of many families, please note that we still have overhead to cover. If you appreciate our program consider donating to our cause. It is not required and the amount is up to you. Donate Here.

Thanks and we will see you out there!

Discovery Athletic Club Coaches