Academy & Open Play Schedules

Fall 2021


Calvary Lutheran School | 12411 Wornall Road, KCMO


Open Play | Mondays at 6:00

Academy | Tuesdays at 6:00

Scrimmages | Thursdays at 6:00

OPEN PLAY is designed for anyone who wants to play soccer with very few commitments or coaching restrictions. Each week we will spend time learning basic skills follwed by a scrimmage. There is no pressure and the pace will be slower than Academy Play. It is designed to allow ANYONE to play in a "hopped up" pick up style environment. This group is also great for those trying out a new sport.* Players will have a significant amount of say in what games or drills they play and it is possible that a scrimmage may not happen at each practice if the kids choose not to.

Open Play registration includes ONLY Open Play nights (No Academy nights unless approved by coaches). In non-COVID adjusted seasons it will include Scrimmage Days.

* Open Play Player Expectations:​

  • Be ready (properly equipped) to practice. This is a safety issue.

  • Practice starts at 6:00.

  • Players should listen to coaches and not disrupt directions or other players.

  • If time allows, players are encouraged to help put away equipment after practice.

  • That's it! Have fun and play hard.



ACADEMY PLAY is designed for those players who have a desire to work a little harder and take the game a little more seriously. Practices will move along quickly. A higher work rate and level of focus are requirements.** This is NOT to be confused with a typical "tryout" or "competitive" team; it is open to ANYONE who wishes to participate no matter the skill level.

At this level, individual work will be key as well as an introduction to team philosophy and game theory. There is no age restriction beyond a preferred 6+ years of age. Sessions will be age and skill level appropriate.


Academy registration automatically registers a player for Open Play (and Scrimmage Days in non-COVID adjusted seasons).


** Academy Play Player Expectations:

  • Arrive and be ready (properly equipped) to practice on time. Players not properly equipped will be asked to sit out until they are dressed. This is a safety issue.

  • Practice will start at 6:00 sharp. Coaches will not wait for stragglers.

  • Players arriving early are expected to do ball work on their own.

  • Players will listen to coaches and act appropriately. Disruptive players may be asked to step aside or leave the day's session completely.

  • Hustle and full participation are expected.

  • If time allows, players are expected to help put away equipment after practice.

** Parents must discuss this option with their players before signing up. It is up to their discretion and NOT the coaching staff. If you have any questions or would like feedback on your child(ren) please reach out to us ahead of time.