World Soccer Day

Date and Location TBD

Come join us for a morning of education and fun. We are excited to introduce some very special guest speakers who want to help with our mission of creating future generations of worldly individuals.

Soccer in the US isn't the same as it is in other countries and while we encourage learning about different styles and have tried to incorporate the best attributes of each into our philosophy it's even better to learn about it from people who grew up playing in those systems. We've invited players from around the world to come introduce us to how soccer is viewed and approached in their home countries. 

It's important to know that not everyone has access to nice equipment like we see in our area so please join us in special project: Homemade soccer balls! Yes, you read that right. We are going to make our own balls out of plastic grocery bags, scrap twine, and tape and then try to play with them.

While the supplies are free we ask anyone wanting to make a ball to bring a small donation. We have a few requested options so take your pick.

  • Canned cat food for the SPCA

  • New or gently used soccer balls for a mission trip to Haiti

  • Store bought (boxed) cookies for the local fire station